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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I was approached by London Slide in 2018 to bring my art style to their brand new burger restaurant in Bluewaters Island in Dubai. I was excited to take on a project that would push my creativity in new ways and test my abilities to adapt as an artist. We decided on the skullerfly theme as it fit with their partner company The London Project which is connected in the same complex in Dubai who use a butterfly in their branding too.

I was tasked with the challenge of designing a range of packaging for everything from bags, burger wrappers, milkshake cups, boxes for fries and more. We picked a bold pop art style colour palette that complimented the style of art with the feel of the restaurant.

I got to go to Dubai in March to create a huge 9ft canvas for the interior of the restaurant and was able to take stencils with me and paint it on location. It was my first time in Dubai and I hope it won't be my last.

London Slide just won Gold in the food and beverage sector for best visual identity which is very exciting news as the artwork I created for the packaging and canvas I created for the interior played a key role in creating the visual identity for the brand.

I want to thank the whole team at London Slide and The London Project for trusting me with this project. I was the first artist to collaborate with them in this way and to launch the restaurant with my artwork adorning the walls and packaging was an amazing experience. I hope my contributions helped secure the award and attract people in to try the amazing food and drinks on offer there. I cant wait to see the brand grow into new territories and give more people a chance to experience the food, energy and art.

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