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Rich Simmons (1986) is leading the next wave of artists pushing a new era of Modern Pop Art.


Inspired by pop art and comic artists from the 50s and 60s, Simmons achieves his bold, graphical comic style through detailed stencils and spray paint, techniques heavily rooted in street art. The most intriguing influence in Simmons' paintings is his integration of Renaissance techniques in composition, golden ratio and Fibonacci. Euro News went as far to describe Simmons' work as 'Pop Art inspired by da Vinci'.


At just 37 years old, Simmons has already exhibited in 33 galleries and museums across three continents, seven countries and 16 major cities, proving his versatility and global appeal.


Simmons' use of colour and commentary is bold and unmistakable. His irreverent sense of humour invites his audience to question taboo topics. Inked magazine described the work as something that will make you blush, and it's easy to see how the combination of superheroes and pin-ups tell stories of romance, lust, mental health and social injustice.

Prohbtd magazine described the work by saying, 'Simmons paints like a punk rocker' and as a self-taught artist and storyteller, that outside-the-box mentality and a willingness to write his own rules is clear. Rebellious and controversial but fun and humorous. What the Sex Pistols did with their music and lyrics is what Simmons is doing now with spray paint and canvas, rewriting the rule book and shaping a new genre of Pop Punk Art.


In 2018, a painting created for Gracious Hearts Charity for children with cerebral palsy sold for £52,000 at a Christie’s charity auction. 

2022 saw the launch of Simmons NFT debut, with Reflections selling out the 3,333 mint in under an hour and going on to generate $1.8 million in sales on Opensea in the first month. The collection debuted in the top 10 Art NFTs on Opensea and earned finalist spots in the NFT NYC Awards as Best NFT Artist and Best Emerging NFT Artist.

Simmons is also the creator and founder of Art Is The Cure, a Vinspired award-winning organisation promoting art therapy and has run workshops and talks around the world. 


2023 London - Quintestencil - Solo Show

2022 Taglialatella Gallery, New York - Solo Show 
2021 VW Contemporary Gallery, Greenwich Connecticut  – Group Show

2021 Taglialatella Gallery, New York  – Group Show
2020 Galerie Sakura, Paris – Group Show

2020 Old Bank Vault Gallery, London  – Group Show

2020 Miller Gallery, Cincinnati Ohio  – Group Show
2020 Hampton Galleries, Montreal – Group Show

2019 Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art - Arkansas – Group Show – Men of Steel, Women of Wonder

2019 San Antonio Museum of Art - Texas – Group Show – Men of Steel, Women of Wonder

2019 Addison Gallery of American Art - Massachusetts – Group Show – Men of Steel, Women of Wonder

2019 Struck Contemporary, Toronto – Group Show

2019 Box Galleries, London – Solo Show –Imaginarium

2018 Imitate Modern, London – Group Show – Pop Rocks

2017 Box Galleries, London – Solo Show –Pop Provocateur
2016 Self Promoted, London – Solo Show – Reflections
2015 Soho Contemporary Art, New York – Solo Show – Misfits
2015 CASS Contemporary Art, Tampa – Group Show – Corrosively Bright

2015 Artveras Gallery, Geneva – Group Show
2014 Soho Contemporary Art, New York – Solo Show – Studio 259
2014 Soho Contemporary Art, New York – Solo Show – London Calling
2014 Imitate Modern, London – Solo Show – Kryptonite
2013 Imitate Modern, London – Solo Show – The Inner Outsider
2013 Baku, London – Solo Show – Pop up Showcase
2012 Imitate Modern, London – Solo Show – Just be You Tiful
2012 Imitate Modern, London – Group Show – Proud to be British
2012 Baku Museum of Modern Art, Azerbaijan – Group Show
2012 Opera Gallery, London – Group Show
2011 Opera Gallery Pop Up Show, London – Solo Show
2011 Opera Gallery, London – The Street Art Show 
2011 Opera Gallery, London – Group Show
2010 Gallery Rouge, St Albans – Solo Show


2018 Christies, London – Charity Art Auction (achieved an auction valuation of £52,000)
2011 Bonhams, London – Urban Art Show (achieved an auction valuation of £8,000)

“His style and aesthetic are truly impressive. Stencil street art beyond the stencil and the street. Watch out for this dude…”

Mark Hoppus, Blink-182


“The art itself could very well be described as a successful fusion. His representations of familiar figures, both real and fictional, allow Simmons to construct narratives, sometimes in only a single frame. What Rich Simmons produces is definitely art, from the street to the gallery enthusiasts of all stripes respond to his work. Simmons is proving that passion, dedication and a wide variety of influences can create engaging cross-cultural art.”

Decompoz Magazine


“Rich Simmons is part of a new wave of street artists emerging from the UK. As a self-taught artist, he uses an intricately detailed stencil style to convey his irreverent sense of humour.”
1884 Magazine


"Simmons paints like a punk rocker."

PROHBTD Magazine


"By implementing modern mentality to throwback imagery, Rich Simmons makes art that will make you blush."

INKED Magazine


“Simmons bold and beautiful work certainly stands out from the street art crowd despite employing many of its conventions. Somehow, in his hands, the use of montage and slogans feels fresh and new.”

Huffington Post

“Art Professionals are following Rich Simmons progress closely. It is a strong possibility that buying his work now could turn out to be a great investment.”

Jean-David Malat, JD Malat Gallery

“Rich’s work is very vocal. He mocks on walls and jokes through canvasses. His work is a pop-art palette. It’s funny and it’s present-time, tethered to mainstream culture but also has a hipster twang.”

Alexandra Luella Blog

Rich’s art is one of those you’ll see in the man cave of a tech entrepreneur and, oddly, also in the walk-in wardrobe of a Chelsea girl. His pieces always have a well-known narrator. An icon that delivers the message for him. The superheroes, Mona Lisa, the 50s pin-up girls; the renowned marks of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. They are contemporary, relevant, each one carries its own message and are very recognisable.

Alexandra Luella Blog


2023 Prestige Awards - Contemporary Artist Of The Year - Winner

2022 Prestige Awards - Contemporary Artist Of The Year - Winner

2022 NFT NYC Best Artist - Finalist

2022 NFT NYC Best Emerging Artist - Finalist

2020 Autfest Texas Autism Film Festival - Short Documentary - Winner

2020 Impact Docs Awards - Short Documentary - Winner

2020 Malaysia Mental Health Film Festival - Short Documentary - Finalist

2020 NYC Mental Health Film FestivalL - Official Selection

2020 Lift Off Film Festival - London, LA, Toronto - Official Selection

2019 Croydon Business Excellence Awards - Commended

2013 HP Smart Business Awards - Social Media - Highly Commended

2009 Vinspired Most Inspirational Young Volunteer - Winner

2009 Princes Trust Young Ambassador Of The Year - Finalist

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