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11 JUNE TO 12 JULY 2014


This summer sees the return of Rich Simmons to Imitate Modern for his third solo show titled ‘KRYPTONITE’. Following the success of ‘The Inner Outsider’ and ‘Just Be You Tiful’, we are excited to unveil this superhero themed collection, showcasing Simmons’ signature style whilst demonstrating his innovative techniques, such as the use of high gloss resin and creating artworks to be viewed through 3D glasses, leaping off the canvas.

‘KRYPTONITE’ features our favourite comic book characters from Wonderwoman to Spiderman, Batman and Superman as  we’ve never seen them before. Whether it’s Wonderwoman on a Playboy cover, or caught in a passionate embrace with Batman, we are given a whole new perspective on these powerful characters in an exhibition that challenges our perception of the ‘superhero’ in both comic books and the world today.

For this collection, Simmons has created a series of unique canvas artworks, complimented by a set of limited edition prints, and poster prints, that are perfect for superhero fans and art lovers alike.

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