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18 MAY TO 14 JUNE 2018



For the first time, Imitate Modern brings together two of London’s most infamous visual iconoclasts: Henry Hate and Rich Simmons. Both artists have gained notoriety for work they created outside of the traditional gallery space. Hate is the famed tattoo artist whose clients have included Amy Winehouse (including the iconic pin-up girl tattoo), Alexander McQueen and many others. Simmons is best renowned for his monumental street murals in London and New York, such as Future ***King – which depicted Kate Middleton and Prince William as Sid and Nancy – and Batman Kissing Superman. Opening on 18 May, Pop Rocks brings together new and specially commissioned works by both artists.


About Rich Simmons

London born-and-bred award-winning and self-taught artist Rich Simmons first caught the attention of the British art scene in 2011 with his street art piece ‘Future ***King’.  It depicted Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge as Sid & Nancy from the Sex Pistols – a visual implication of the new and younger revival of the monarchy – and made headway shortly before the royal wedding.  Since then he has accumulated a celebrity fan-base.
In 2011 following the work’s high success and global reach, Simmons went on to exhibit in several shows at Imitate Modern gallery and abroad.  He successfully sold at Bonhams Street Artauction and most recently at Christie’s charity auction, where Simon de Pury auctioned one of Rich’s painting for £52,000 with all proceeds going to Gracious Hearts UK. It’s amazing to see one of our artists being part of such an important cause that raises money for children with special needs.

This auction result will have a huge impact on his work, with his sale prices expected to rise significantly! It is safe to say he is one to watch this year…Find out more about Rich Simmons and his artistic journey in our previous blog post.

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